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Getting Started with Open Banking Nigeria future forward APIs.

Open Banking Nigeria is tailored for various stakeholders within the financial services sector such as banks, Fintechs, and regulators.

Customers are demanding much more from financial services providers that banks can hardly keep up. Open Banking provides a means by which a bank can transform how it serves these customers and a sustainable part of innovation.

Open Banking Nigeria has lifted a significant burden off Open Banking with the implementation of an API standard for Nigerian banks to adopt and also provided sandbox from which testing and certification can be done.

The best part of this is that everything is free to adopt and use. Open Banking Nigeria API standards are at this time can only be implemented and supported for duly licensed financial services provider in Nigeria.

To get started, please email [email protected]. You can also learn more about us and become a partner at Become a Member

You can view the different companies that are already developing solutions such as API gateways and digital banking products at

Read up on the documentation of the APIs are at

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