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How Open banking can transform payments in Nigeria

A couple of years ago, every Nigerian household made the monthly trip to the bank or electricity provider company, cash in hand, with their bill …

Why Open Banking and what’s in it for banks in Nigeria?

With the many changes in the banking sector and the country as a whole, Open Banking seeks to bridge the gap between banks and fintechs …

Open Banking Nigeria Annual Report- The Year 2020

Open banking represents a shift – a movement from closed models to open systems that promote optimal value for both end-users and businesses alike. The …

Open banking: Implications for the non-banking finance industry

Two decades ago, if you wanted to deposit money, pay bills or access a range of financial services, the bank would have been the only …

Open Banking: 4 steps banks and fintechs can adopt in mitigating risks of data leakage

With millions of customers, banks and other fintechs hold a ton of customer data that they use to make all sorts of decisions. They collect …

Central Bank of Nigeria's logo is seen on the headquarters building in Abuja

CBN’s regulatory framework on open banking in Nigeria; What next?

In March 2018, the Central Bank of Nigeria talked about its interest in an Open Banking system, which will open up the financial system and …

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