Open Banking Nigeria welcomes Pngme

Open Banking Nigeria, the leading non-profit coalition of industry stakeholders advocating the adoption of open banking in Nigeria, has welcomed into its fold Pngme, a leading API player in the international financial landscape.

Pngme, the unified data API for financial institutions and developers, joins other stakeholders within and outside Nigeria to extend the depth and breadth of innovative thinking that would birth new application programming interfaces (APIs) and other technologies to serve Nigeria and become a reference point for Africa.

Pngme will enhance the capacity of the innovations that would arise as a result of the implementation of standard opening banking APIs to satisfy customers through access to tailored services.

The new joiner will also bring its expertise to help service providers reach new markets – including the financially excluded and extend the capability of organisations in numerous industries to add value through new lines of solutions and services.

Welcoming the new member, Ope Adeoye, a Trustee of Open Banking Nigeria, said: “At Open Technology Nigeria, we are always excited to partner with players across relevant industries all over the world for the attainment of a financial services climate that efficiently serves the needs of customers and helps businesses achieve their objectives.”

Also speaking, Cate Rung, Pngme’s Co-founder, said: “As an organisation that understands and values the importance of access to data, partnering with Open Banking Nigeria is yet another opportunity for us to help financial institutions, developers and stakeholders in other industries understand the benefits of open banking and the positive downstream impact it has not only on their customers’ experience but their revenues.

Already, we look forward to the collaborations that open banking would birth across Nigeria to the delight of customers everywhere.

Based in San Francisco, Pngme provides digital data pipelines, scalable API architecture, and a suite of developer tools that enable financial institutions and developers to come up with financial products that reach more individuals and businesses.

Open Banking Nigeria works with banks, seasoned individual industry professionals, financial technology firms, risk management organisation and other stakeholders to define an open and non-partisan set of APIs for financial services and with a spiral effect in other industries in Nigeria.

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