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Cowrywise, Vbank, VerifyMe, SystemSpecs, Smile Identity and Carma join Open Banking Nigeria

As the Open Technology Foundation (OTF) continues to drive the adoption of Open Banking Standards in Nigeria through strategic partnerships with banks and fintechs in the country’s financial sector, more fintechs and banks have recently joined to further champion the Open Banking cause in Nigeria.

How Open banking can transform payments in Nigeria

A couple of years ago, every Nigerian household made the monthly trip to the bank or electricity provider company, cash in hand, with their bill …

Why Open Banking and what’s in it for banks in Nigeria?

With the many changes in the banking sector and the country as a whole, Open Banking seeks to bridge the gap between banks and fintechs …

Open Banking Nigeria Annual Report- The Year 2020

Open banking represents a shift – a movement from closed models to open systems that promote optimal value for both end-users and businesses alike. The …

Open banking: Implications for the non-banking finance industry

Two decades ago, if you wanted to deposit money, pay bills or access a range of financial services, the bank would have been the only …

Open Banking: 4 steps banks and fintechs can adopt in mitigating risks of data leakage

With millions of customers, banks and other fintechs hold a ton of customer data that they use to make all sorts of decisions. They collect …

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